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Sometime in 2005

Don't mind me, just cleaning up

Changing a few things here and there, updating those countdown things at the end of the screen, and the secret line you're not supposed to have your mouse cross over... Last I heard, Jeff was in Italy. Curran's still back home, I'm at SIU, and Nick... well, he just dissappeared a while ago. Just thought someone would find information interesting...
Other than that, I should be dead by now. Oh well.
See you next time.

Janu February .... 2?

...god i need a cigarette...

Uh, not really sure what's going on right now... Did I even spell that right... Feb-whatever? Who thought up that name anyway? I think it was either the Greek or the Norse, but that's all a fuzzy memory now. So, the girl I spoke of earlier... no. But did you expect anything else? Why must I be so alone? I find that I'm hanging out with my gay friends more and more since straight people are confusing and evil. Don't get me wrong, I'm not thinking of changing my sexuality or anything. I'm still not attracted to men(and I don't think I ever will be), but gay people are a hell of a lot nicer. I find it easier to crash with them simply because the girls are guys and the guys aren't competition. It may not make sense to you, but I have fun at their place and that's where I spend a majority of my free time.
In other news, working is going just fine, although I'm pushing for an employee of the month nomination since I do half the total cumulatative work for the entire dealership. CAR SALESMEN ARE LAZY BASTERDS! They take all the time to show customers all these different cars, but then every one of them just leaves every single vehicle in the wrong spot and expect me to rearrange the lot for them. I guess it does have some plus sides, one being the money, I get to drive damn near any car I want, I learned to master manual transmission, etc. Plus, I can get parts for my car at 50% discount most of the time. I put in the new radiator, but that's about all I've done for her in a while. I need an oil change and some major body work, all in due time. Other than that, my life's been pretty uneventful. This is the most I've written here in atleast 6 months. Sorry if I'm wasting anyone's time....

November 21, 2002
I just slept through 3 periods, and I'm really bored. Not a whole lot of new news. My car has a crack in the radiator, I'm going to get that fixed eventually. I've got a girl that I hope could be my girlfriend, but she's driving me insane half of the time. Yeah, big surprise. Other than that I've got nothing else to say. Oh well, I'll talk to you guys later or something.


October 31, 2002

Happy Halloween,
Silent Bob

April 2, 2002
Hey, I guess this isn't a band site anymore, just my boring place to test my programming skills... I revamped the links at the top of the page, so now, instead of opening new browser windows, they stretch open and then do their fade thing. just a new little trick I picked up, the only problem is that you can't resize the window or move it after it opens, only minimize it, oh well... that's all for now.


March 15, 2002
..... Where am I? I haven't been here in so long I forget how to get here. Well... the band has been dead since Jeff moved to Wisconsin. He's got a new band called Veinless, Curran plays bass for them. Anywhoo... send me some mail so I know this place is still alive.


August 5
Long time since last update... I got a gerbil a few weeks ago... and then it died 2 days later... Chester was awesome... but then the next day I got another one, and I still haven't named her or anything, I'm thinking like Rain or something. OK, so I went to the Boy Hits Car show in Milwaukee, WI on thursday... WOW it kicked ass. Jeff's birthday was also Thursday, so, it was kinda like his birthday present, cause I drove... not to mention that I gave him a piercing needle and bought him a labret spike and a 14 gauge ring, which are now in his lip... PLUS I pitched in on his hair dye... so that kid got SO much from me. Uh, not much else going on, oh, so it's just me and jeff and adam in the band, and jeff and adam don't play any instruments, so theres a guitar and 2 singers... not much of a band... oh well.... I guess I'll go then.


May 21
Yarg, I don't know what's going on... Um, I think Jordan's out, and some other people from like... Mundeline are in, Adam and Mike or something, but I don't know for sure, I have to talk to them. In other news.... there is no other news... I added some links to other bands we know. That's all for now.


May 10
Oops... so I've been informed that having the entire comic page in reproduction IS illegal, so they gotta go. Sorry, but still go to the Slave Labor website and buy the comix cause theyre soooooooo great.


May 9
So... I've been chillin with my tounge ring, and as of yet, still have to find a girl to "test" it out on... Well, I'm not really that sick, but I haven't had a girlfriend in 10 months, so whatever... Anywhoo, I've also been reading the "Johnny the Homocidal Maniac" comic series, and DAMN is it cool! It's written by a guy named Jhonan Vasquez, and hes a pretty freaky guy,
Johnen Vasquez, I guess the pic could be copyrighted by him...  so the image is copyright 2000 Jhonan Vasquez
my new role model. And the Johnny character looks a lot like Jeff... So I added a section to the comic, and I don't know if this is legal, but I scanned the first two comic things for you to enjoy (if anyone knows the law about this kind of stuff, I did not ask anyone to have permission to publish this, so if I AM infringing copyright law, PLEASE! tell me so I can correct this error of judgement. I just really like this stuff, and think more people should get to know about it. My mail link is at the bottom of the page.) Um, other than that... yeah, I've added random drawings from the guy in the page... all cartoon-looking drawing-like things are copyright 200 Jhonan Vasquez and published by Slave Labor Graphics All rights reserved by the big J.V, and whoever else holds copyrights, but not you... unless you ARE Jhonan... or SLG. or... aw fuck it, JUST DONT SUE ME!


May 3
Ok, got the pic up on my pictures page... thats all...


May 1

AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! I got my tounge pierced.... yay, fun. I did it myself last night and it hurt like a motherfucker. I'll have pix up by tomorrow.


April 30

Site is being updated

Well, I haven't done anything in a while, so I decided to update the site in studyhall. Yes, that's right, studyhall... I am BoReD!... So anyways the old site still works, so if you want to see any of that shit that isn't up on this one, go there. In other news, we have a full band again, yet we haven't practices in more than a month, so nothing is gonna happen anytime soon. I'm thinking about finding a way to get some recordings on the site for download, but the only ones we have sofar are really piss-poor quality tapes that were recorded on a home stereo, so that's out. Other than that, nothing new is going on...

March 21

Better than shitty news

Ok, so, not so shitty news now, its only been a week, but i think the band is back... It seems that Nick wasn't as mad as we thought--well not so much at us as at Curran-- and he said he'd come back, and then this guy Jordan said he wanted in, so we're a normal band again, I think. So, since the deadline for the video to get in to the Battle of the Bands was today, we're still out, but we'll play eventually. Other than that, we changed the name to Amok... I was the only one who objected to the change, because it meant that I would have to get a new web site, but whatever... ok, chill...

March 13

Shitty News

Well, everyone, it looks bad for us right now... Curran and Jeff got into a fight and so Curran quit/got kicked out, I'm not sure, could be both. In either case, however, after this incident, he convinced Joey to quit also, and after that so did Nick... so they're all out and starting a new band... I know, this is such shit, but since nobody really ever heard of us, we're just another statistic, nobody cares or is gonna miss Xistential Void. For anyone who does, though, I'm gonna leave the site up, for now, and hope that there is a band of some degree eventually. We're officially out of the Battle of the Bands, and you're not gonna see us with Aberration anytime soon, so forget I ever said anything... I'm just a little sad now, so if you'll allow me to go at this point, that would be nice... goodbye

February 27
Allright, this time Elliott left... sucks for us, but Curran (who was origionally in the band before Elliott) came back, so he's in now. The reason Elliott left was because he wanted to be more heavy, and we didn't. We'll miss him, but hey, if he wasn't happy playing our shit, we can't change that. About the show, we aren't sure. We might play with Aberration in a while, but since we got Curran now, he has to get up to date first, and concidering Joey just finally made it to practice last week, he still needs to work on some stuff too. We also have a chance to be in a Battle of the Bands type thing in April or May, but we still need to send in a video for the tryouts, so we wont know untill after spring break.


January or February something...
Ok, well for anyone who actually VISITS the site, we have a drummer now, and there MIGHT be a show in a month or so... I'm not sure.


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